Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love Unconditional

What I have experienced is that nothing really lasts. We would like our loved ones to be with us for a lifetime, but sometimes that's not the case. Life and love are not meant to be forever but only to be enjoyed at that moment, because it can leave just as quickly as it came.

I had truly loved once and in my view it was time fully shared. The problem is, not all of us are capable of unconditional love or to be in love completely, but being in love is a wonderful experience. It is too bad though, that only a few share the sentiment that to love completely is to be captivated, under arrest, being honest, there when needed and having you there when they need you in return.

Love does not hurt, as hurting your loved ones is something you would never want to do. To really understand love is to have a relationship with God, in truly knowing him you would see people in a new light. God made the ultimate sacrifice for us, why? Because he loves us deeply. To let God in, we must change for he desires that we love each other.

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  1. LOVE is such a hard things for a person to do..and I believe the reason is because we have expectations as to what and how we view love. I truly did not learn what love really meant until I studied the word of God according to 1 Corinthians 13 the Love chapter. And though it was over a process of years, I am still learning. Being married now each day I have to ask God to show me how to love my husband so I won't love Him the way I want to. And only God can show us how to do this..Jesus loves us no matter what He choose to love and we at times will not choose to love especially if we have been hurt in the past, we hold on and put up walls. God bless you